sweet talk.. .

" Menowah " is set to drop a new album as well as a remix album shortly.. if this track is any indication of what’s to come, it’s time to buy some new trousers guv’na.. . this track is highly recommended.

E.L.O. - Sweet Talking Women (menowah remix) (ysi) / (zp3)

.. . and to get you up to speed before the albums drop, here’s some more " Menowah " .. . take your pick. all fire.

Menowah – Our Adventure (zp3)

Menowah - Safemode (zp3)

Menowah - Safemode (1928 remix) (zp3)

Meanwhile.. . you on to our contest or what??? It`s easy. .. Put down a review of the “the fashion” track we posted here and Versus’ll send you some free “Fashion” swag: posters, cd’s, and stickers.. 1st 3 reviews win. Again, click your review in our comments box in this post to win..

Anyways, I was def. feeling this “ Tiger Baby” remix found in that post.. . here it is again and then some..

Fashion - Like Knives (Tiger Baby Remix) (zp3)

Tiger Baby - Love Will Tear Us Apart (ysi) / (zp3)

.. . and here`s a track from “the knife’s” work on the Hannah Med H soundtrack.. I had my brother send this to me from Svenske a while back. A definite buy.

Knife - High School Poem (ysi) / (zp3)

.. k that’s it for today pals… oh wait! no I just didn’t.. one more.

Depeche Mode - People are People (zp3)

K now I`m ghost,

- Lex


Anonymous said...

longest post ever. Looks like someone screwed up on their 90's post this week. Extra special guest 90's post next week. Its gonna be so crazy. so crazy you cry.

xo hunk aka orchie aka I like pop but not pretzels

Anonymous said...

so rad

DiscGoIsUm said...

The Knife are rad

Oost said...

just went through a solid 2 weeks of listening to nothing but ELO. the first half of time ('81) is amazing.

menowah said...

i actually just picked up "out of the blue the other day and found the orginal cut out space ship still inside the sleave...

wait till you guys hear the bob seger
remix of "still the same"


Anonymous said...

yo menowah, you usin reason for the synths?

menowah said...

menowah used a juno 60 and some sampled mellotron guitar .