chanson d'amour ::: d'erreur

ici lex et j'en ai "some more" feu de France pour vous. (merci Etienne)

i can't get enough error :: love. I had a chance to speak to error :: love and was lucky enough to recieve an exclusive teaser of what to expect from the Nantes' native: 2 more on his myspace here ("R U Ready" - Highly recommended). error :: love is exactly what you need.

Error Love - TOP Cop MEGA Heat (zp3)

Revolte is making some waves right now. BaaaM !! Im loving this track.

Révolte - 150 Hertz (ysi) / (zp3)

a slick new remix from the queen of the cassette Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard.

Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard - Chanson d'amour (Pauline Remix) (zp3)

and one for the road, talkin' 'bowt my ch ch ch cheneration.. .

Jacqueline Taieb - 7 Heures du Matin (zp3)

a bientot,

- Lex


Oost said...

sweet glow-heart magn

Etienne CP said...

Your french is quite good!

Except for one word. We would say "de France" instead of "du France". But it's a common error.

Thanks for all the good stuff on this blog!

Etienne (Montreal)

Valentin said...


can somebody give me a link for 150 hertz by revolte ?